Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Should Be in Bed Already, But...Meh

I had this whole post written up in my mind about why running is important to me and why, in particular, running at night is so freeing, but then tonight I set out later than planned, had heartburn, and ended up hitting the wall two miles in. I had to walk three of the five miles I completed, and my original goal was seven. So much for the magic of running, right? At least I worked out. I've been a little lazy about it lately, and when things have gotten in the way, I've just let them. But my favorite pants from Boden are still a little too close to muffin top territory for my personal comfort, so I need to step it up a notch. I've spent years pretending that I will alter my eating habits and have a fantastic physique, but more and more I don't think that's a possibility for me. I will alter them for other reasons, like health and trying to be more responsible to the earth and all its inhabitants, but I have a hard time sticking to any eating plan that resembles dieting. Physical exertion, though, I can get behind, nearly as easily as I can get behind the cake batter bowl with a big spoon.


My mom's good friend Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer some time ago and has had a lumpectomy. She'll go through radiation soon. I know that sometimes she worries about it, but much of the time she just makes jokes about her boobs, which she has named Mildred and Precious. Her husband doesn't always approve of the joking, but he's a party pooper, which is why we are not inviting him to the boob party we are planning for her birthday. I ordered boob pasta and am making a boob cake, and the people that I ordered the boob pasta from also threw in a boob sucker. It's going to be tacky, but hilarious. The cake will say, "Happy Birthday Andrea, Mildred, and Precious!" In pink, of course.


I don't know why I am still awake except that I feel there is a lot left to do, and I want to grab on to more time to do it in. However, the alarm rings in less than six hours, so I will (grudgingly) get myself to bed.

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