Tuesday, August 19, 2008

None of These Things Are Related

Mary Liz has swimmer's ear but insists she can swim anyway; I said, "Not until we see the pediatrician."

Lucy started sleeping in our napkin basket, so I moved it to the bookshelf in the front window, where she often knocks things off when she stretches out to bask in the sun. This has been an excellent solution, as she curls right up in "her" basket instead of stretching across books and knocking over picture frames, but now we don't have a napkin basket anymore.

While running tonight I decided that giving myself permission to stay up as late as I want tonight would be an excellent way to eliminate the feeling of being rushed. So far, so good. I've nowhere to be until noon tomorrow, so this is a treat.

We have a new hot water heater. We also have an old hot water heater, which leaks quite a lot. Do you want it? Come and get it.

The other night I woke up to Lucy sleeping so soundly next to me that when I lifted her paw to rearrange her so I could turn over, it was like a limp noodle. I immediately started to freak out, thinking she was dead. I was ready to start clutching her lifeless body to my chest and weeping inconsolably, but then she stretched and opened her eyes groggily. Tragedy averted! But still now I think about her dying and I can't imagine how we'd ever find such a funny cat again. Who would come check on me in the shower to make sure I'm not drowning? Who would play fetch with all the hair elastics I got on clearance? Who would roll over so I could press my whole face into soft, white belly fur? Lucy is never allowed to die. Or get lost. Or stolen. Don't even think about it, cat thieves. I will CUT YOU.

I have fallen behind on some of my big household projects but have been making steady progress on others. I decided that instead of feeling defeat at not getting something big done, I would just keep doing small things. I did about four days' worth of going and going and going, one small project after another, until tonight I contracted Lazyass Syndrome and couldn't even be bothered to make dinner. God bless the Earl of Sandwich is all I'm saying.

I have a vision for organizing our basement so that each activity has its own spot. I began implementing it by putting the magnetic poetry set (Unrequited Love Edition, purchased for 50 cents in 2001) on the freezer so the kids can play with it. I also talked Jarod into going through much of his pile o' stuff in the corner with the sump pump; he found a lot of his old toys and such, so now the kids can play with magnetic poetry AND legos.

I have a habit of overpacking, so I have made a list of things to take to Europe. We aren't leaving for another five and a half weeks. I am prepared.


holly said...

europe? wow! and then, california! :)

marymuses said...

I have not started my California packing list yet. Let's see...

1. camera
2. cute dress
3. clean underwear

Did I leave out anything essential?

We can't wait to come to your wedding!