Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now With More Beverages and Produce in the Living Room

So maybe you've just finished organizing the house, minus the basement, of course. Perhaps you're feeling a little smug about your organizational skills, remembering what it looked like when you started and admiring the glow of tidiness it now exudes. You even went through the stack of second string mail that's been waiting on the desk; you are just that thorough. So what do you do next? Do you sit back for weeks and enjoy the order? Perhaps you do. I, on the other hand, prefer to break an important fixture in the kitchen and decide that NOW is the TIME for our AWESOME KITCHEN REMODEL.

In Phase 1, you may feel like it's not so bad. So you had to move some stuff a few steps away into the dining room, big deal.

kitchen in the dining room

kitchen in the dining room

You can still make coffee, after all.

making coffee amidst the ruins

And besides, your husband has assured you that you will still have a sink and a stove to work with for most of the remodel. No sweat! Food and coffee preparation can go on undisturbed. Thank goodness you bought all that fresh produce!

it seems so much bigger without upper cabinets

See? Not so bad, right? Except...that the next day begins Phase 2, and your sink disappears. And then it's two days later and you're told that the next step is not magically getting a sink back, but removing everything from the kitchen. Oh, and since you need to move things out of the kitchen, the dining room table will need to be folded into its smallest dimensions and scooted off to the side. Still wearing your pajamas because you are too lazy to change, you'll dutifully put everything that was on the table in the office.

now available in the office:  toast and tea!

This thoroughly confuses the cat, who now can't find a place to sit. She can, however, knock over your extensive cereal collection and stick her paws in the toaster slots. Good thing I didn't plug in the toaster, right?

So now that you've moved everything from the dining table into the office new breakfast room, you can return to the kitchen and move out all the tools that are scattered about the floor, scoot the dishwasher into the dining room, and, finally, put your fridge in a more convenient location.

if you're reading comfortably and get thirsty, you needn't move an inch

Your kitchen now looks like this:

i can't move the stove by myself, so it's still in there

And you? Well, you look a little disheveled there in your pajamas. For the love of pete, go get dressed. You'll never get to reward yourself with an iced mocha looking like that.

Not shown in this post: the part of the kitchen that is in the basement.

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