Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You Know, I'm Not Sure Why I Keep Smoking Crack Either

So today my mom and I drove up to Nebraska to have lunch with Aunt Marge, who is my mom's aunt, making her my great aunt, but it's really just too fussy to call her Great Aunt Marge. (Great) Aunt Marge once was in love with a Lutheran, but her mother hated Lutherans and forbade her to marry him, so later (Great) Aunt Marge went on to marry a shiftless alcoholic who worked sometimes, but not for the last fifteen years of his life. They never had any children. Her siblings have now all passed away. She has friends in town, but is still lonely. If you call her on the phone, she will want to talk for hours. If you visit, she will want you to stay longer, and she will ply you with gifts of the things that no longer fit into her apartment. If you stay long enough, you will hear about her friends' medical issues. We didn't stay that long today. I thought I had a meeting to get back to. Which, I did. And I intended to make it!

Except...I didn't. Have you ever driven to Nebraska and back between the hours of 7am and 5:30pm, having had five and a half(ish) hours of sleep overnight and three hours the night before? If you have, you know that the only thing you'll feel like doing after you carry in the bag of crap you accepted from (Great) Aunt Marge is a face plant into your sofa. Which I did. I'm feeling a tiny bit more rested, thanks. Just in time to, oh, I don't know...go out?

I never learn.

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Shiz said...

You. Are awesome.