Thursday, September 18, 2008

Facebook is Just a Portal to Somewhere Less Pleasant

Jarod and I are currently involved in what is one of my least favorite things, which is an argument about politics--not between the two of us, but between us and a friend of mine who disagrees with our political views. Our common sense has been called into question, and in the past via e-mail my spiritual state has been called into question, the latter of which I find to be completely ridiculous because, as much as the Israelites of his day wanted him to be (if he was indeed the messiah they'd been waiting for), Jesus wasn't about politics. Or war. They were all, "Overthrow the Romans! Start a revolution!" And Jesus was all, "Um, that's not really what I had in mind." And they were all, "Say what?" So when my faith is called into question because of something neither of us have heard the audible voice of God about (uh, at least I haven't), it gives me pause. It gives me further pause when the friend's facebook status reads that she is "fighting jihadists." Well, if I'm a jihadist, I must say, the other jihadists are going to be really disappointed in my stance that war is not the answer.

The problem is that I get into these things and can't back out gracefully. Someone insults my views and I'm all, "Oh no you DI'NT." I think that's called pride. According to the Bible, people end up in hell for this. So I guess if I don't end up there for failing to support war on behalf of our nation or for feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place on the abortion issue as it pertains to politics, then I'll be there anyway.

But hey, don't I look nice in this handbasket? I picked one that would go well with my shoes.


Shiz said...

That's one kickASS handbasket you have there, MaryMuses!

jasoncupp said...

agreed. the reason i refuse to talk politics - ever. it's just too difficult with some folks. ugh. sorry. hope you are well!

Jennifer said...

one of my favourite bumper stickers of all time:
"Hey, where are we going? and why am I in this handbasket?"

you know what they say about simple minds... this cracked me up.