Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I shouldn't really be up right now, but I kept hearing house noises, and even once I'd cleared my nose by breathing deeply through it (no, really, it works, try it!), I still couldn't quite drop off. I have theories about why this is (the not dropping off to sleep, not the nose clearing or house noises), but mostly I think it's because I like to be alone in a quiet house with nothing to do. At this hour it doesn't seem right to be banging around doing chores or even slipping in and out of rooms to put away laundry as I fold. Guilt free ass-sitting is what this is. It's not like I didn't sit down earlier in the evening, but then my Protestant work ethic was telling me I really shouldn't be, whereas right now my Protestant consideration for others keeps me from doing chores that might wake the neighbors.

I've been completely uninspired in the blogging department, mostly because I feel that what I have to say is either dull or divisive. I don't really enjoy arguing, so I tend to avoid the divisive (*ahem*SARAHPALIN*ahem*), and everything else is We work, we work on the house, we look forward to vacation. We leave for Europe in just ten days, so I'm busy putting together airport snack options (who wants to spend money in the airport when you can spend it in Europe, right?) and worrying about the exchange rate. I'll be happy to finally get on the plane and sad to come home once it's all over, I'm sure. Sort of like I'll be happy to get to sleep tonight, but troubled when the alarm rings in the morning.


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Jennifer said...

you have a week left and you will be in the capital E!?! WOW!!! I'm almost peeing myself with jealousy. *sigh* we tooootally missed the pre-kids-2-incomes phase, and I'm feeling the shack-happy travel bug in my pants, I think it is a bee and it is stinging me in the butt. GO GO GO! *ping*zing*sting!* he says. I know, I know, I say, are YOU, oh Bee, paying for the plane tickets and the travel nanny and the croissants? no? i didn't think so. you couldn't even get brunch, so i know you're not good for that. Cheap friggin Bee.
Well, DAHLing, I hope you have a fanTAStic time and I will live vicariously through whatever pics you post. Don't forget the little people, ok? :)