Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm About to Make Your Day

Cat in a stripey sweater!

the only halloween decoration we'll need

But wait! There's more!

god bless goodwill

Why, yes, that is a skull and crossbones with hearts for eyes and nose appliqued there on the back. Just try and tell me it's not awesome. You can't, can you?

I think that's the best $1.98 I've spent all week. Man, I love Goodwill.


Shiz said...

That. Is. The. BEST.

David said...

Please do not encourage the Shiz.

thank you.

- Willow and Brie.

holly said...

wow... she is very patient with you! i love it!

marymuses said...

The secret to getting your cat to wear clothes is to:

1. Start young.
2. Give cat treats every time you put the clothing on the cat.
3. Like, lots of cat treats. Ten or so small ones. Lucy prefers free range chicken Temptations. She loves them so much that she now will push her own paws through the arms holes because she knows that when the shirt is on, I open the cat treat bag.

cara said...

ditto the loving Goodwill as i was slightly horrified for a second that you were going to say that you knitted it! that would perhaps have just taken the whole thing over the edge.

Lithuanian librarian (retired) said...

Me want one too!----Violet woves it!