Sunday, October 12, 2008

Now With Even More Time Suckage

The photos that were lost were found! Let us all rejoice! I also put all the photos in the set in their correct chronological order for the benefit of those of us who need things to be organized. There are now 156 photos in the set. Click here to waste some time watching the slideshow and here to go to the set.

I highly recommend cleaning the house before traveling. Last year when we went on our honeymoon, the whole house was pretty much a disaster, and it was hard landing back here with so much to do and absolutely no order to anything. We still have plenty to do, of course, what with the kitchen not being finished and the bathroom needing to be remodeled and the backyard being an urban prairie, but everything is pretty much in its place, and it was easy to put everything away and get the laundry started. The trip was fantastic, but I am happy to be home, ready to dive into my many projects, thrilled to have cats vying for my attention. All that's lacking here is the motivation to change out of my pajamas.


Shiz said...

What about the motivation to eat M&Ms?

marymuses said...

That motivation is always with me; I was born motivated to eat M&M's.

amy said...

Glad you guys had such a great trip! Speaking of your love of sweets, I recently posted your cupcake mantra in a blog at Train Run Hope Cure and then Amy from Runner's Lounge visited liked it as well and posted it in her latest blog. Soon, everyone will be chanting the cupcake mantra in marathons across the world! (Copyright it ASAP! :)