Saturday, October 04, 2008

Will the Battery Die Before I'm Done? Let's Find Out!

Ever since the 24-inch iMac came into our lives, I've been noticing all sorts of things about this computer that I hadn't noticed before, or that I'd at least ignored. Even now that Jarod has fixed the space bar so I don't have to pound it just so (and HARD) with my right thumb, it doesn't type as nicely as the iMac. The screen is miniscule. Nothing appears in very sharp focus. I've wanted to post photos for you, but I simply can't bring myself to do it without scrutinizing every single one I've taken on the twenty-four glorious inches of screen available to me at home. So you'll have to wait. And trust me when I tell you that you've likely never seen water this brilliantly blue.

We are having a fantastic time here, still, of course, who is surprised? We are more limited budget-wise this time than last, not being flush with wedding first-dance cash and unwilling to put some things on the credit card, using the excuse that we don't know if we'll be back anytime soon. We know we'll be back, and likely soon, within a year or two. This is our spot. We'd sooner gouge out our left eyes than go without seeing Nice again.

So for now we're just doing our favorite things. If we don't fit something in that sounds interesting, we know there will be more time for it later. This time we did a few new things, and next time we'll do a few more, and maybe someday we'll own a place here and will wake up one morning with our list exhausted. I sincerely hope this is the case.

Tomorrow is Jarod's birthday. We'll have crepes for breakfast and dinner at our favorite place, Chez Memere. Then we'll go back to our apartment and pack; on Monday morning we have to be out by 10:30am. How sad.

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Shiz said...

Have a great time! Happy bday Jarod! Kiss Nice for me! YAY! How was the lavender ice cream?