Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I feel uneasy when my house is disorganized, which it is most of the time lately. With all the hubbub this week it's gotten particularly bad, and all I really want to do today is organize what has gotten out of place this week, plus a few more things, as is my custom. Eventually this whole house will be organized, and then I am thoroughly convinced it will probably be time to move. Still, I try.

Especially I try today because not only do I feel like doing it, but I am also trying to avoid power washing the house. I hate power washing. I'd rather go to the dentist than power wash. Actually, I'd even rather go to the gynecologist than power wash the house, and I think the ladies out there know that this statement alone conveys how utterly awful I consider power washing the house to be. However, people are coming on Saturday to help us paint, and it must be done before then. Also, I sent my husband an e-mail asking if I could get out of it until Friday, and he has not responded. I'd love to assume that this means he is unable to respond at this time, so I can go on avoiding the power washing and embracing my organizational tendencies, but it also might mean that I just need to power wash already. I should have started three hours ago, actually. Okay, maybe four. So out I go to do some of it. I will put my phone in my pocket in case someone calls and needs my help immediately.

Please, someone, anyone, call me away for a really good reason.


brooke said...

i hear you , mary. my house has been a disaster for weeks now. i was so glad to come down to dallas for the week just to get out of it! saturday will be all about cleaning, painting and cooking. i need order! also, as much as i understand not wanting to power wash the house today, it is supposed to be freakin' cold friday. today is nice. do it today.

Shiz said...

Agreed about the GINE-o-cologist!