Sunday, November 16, 2008

From Underneath the Rubble

It's Sunday night, 9pm, and there is a heap of rubble in my living room which appears to have given birth to smaller piles of rubble that are strewn throughout the entire house. The laundry room also seems to have belched out some clean clothes, and there are three baskets waiting for folding in the bedroom. Tools from the kitchen remodel are trying to take over the dining room again. It's pretty much a disaster, but it's fairly hard to tackle since the kitchen remodel process has put various things out of place. I love the way the kitchen is coming together, and I am grateful for everything that got done this weekend, but all this disorder is totally harshing my mellow. Add that to the mellow-harshing effects of wrecking our car while a baby was in the backseat, and you might say that I'm having a hard time maintaining my inner calm.

It will all be better soon, right?

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dayonthebeach said...

That is a very scary question for me... Just be sure and don't say, "It can't get any worse, can it?