Saturday, November 15, 2008

It Hasn't Been a Banner Day, But Then Again...

Right now Jarod and his dad are installing the tile on our kitchen backsplash. The cabinets all have doors. We are getting terribly close to finishing our beautiful, new kitchen. So that's good--very, very good. If it hadn't been for the rest of the day's events, I would probably be jumping for joy. As it is, I really just want to take a very long, hot shower and curl up in my jammies.

This morning on the way to the City Market, I mistook a green light for my actual light, which was red, and pulled out in front of another car. Both cars had to be towed. I had my Saturday baby in the car. It pretty much sucked, and does suck. The baby's parents have been more than gracious and kind about it, but I still feel terrible. I love that baby so very much, and the first thought I had when it happened was, "Oh NO OH NO OH NO THE BABY!" She is fine, as neither car was going very fast. The paramedics called it a minor accident, checked everyone out, and had it declared a non-injury accident. Still. I. Feel. Awful. It has always been my greatest fear that I would have a car accident with children in the car. I suppose that I could count myself fortunate that in all the years I have worked and all the miles I have driven with kids in the car, this is the first time it happened. I was just hoping it never would. That's the worst part of it all, that and the fact that I have caused the other driver a ton of inconvenience. The second worst part is paying the insurance deductible. It's...well...a lot, for us, anyway. We have a savings account for these sorts of situations, but it will need to be replenished as soon as possible, and that's just hard. Sorry in advance about the tiny Christmas gifts, everyone.

To add insult to injury, today we received notice in the mail that we are in violation of a city code due to our very slow exterior power washing and painting progress. We've got thirty days to get it finished or we'll face consequences. The consequences listed were a fine and possible jail time. Yes, jail time. For not having our house painted fast enough. I realize it's a bit of an eyesore at the moment, but seriously...jail time? So guess what we're doing next Saturday? We are having a painting party. I sent out an e-mail asking for help, and I hope our party has lots of guests. If you weren't on that e-mail list and are in the Kansas City area, you are also invited. We'll have snacks! Please come!

Despite the suckage of today, I am grateful for a good many things, so I will list some of those things to add balance to the day. I am grateful:
1. That the baby was not hurt.
2. That everyone was so kind at the accident site. I don't know how many people said "These things happen; I've done it, too," but I am grateful to every single person who said that to me.
3. That my brother and sister-in-law are kindly loaning me their extra vehicle so we do not have to rent a car.
4. That I was not injured in the accident.
5. That our backyard is being cleaned up by someone who is not me, who can trim trees without injuring himself.
6. That we have such good friends.


Shiz said...

I love you! I am grateful you and the baby are ok and that everyone was kind to you. And I am sending your parcel on Monday! I would paint if I could. And I would bring snacks! Here's to the party!

Anonymous said...

I Love You!


daysgoby said...

I'm so glad you're both okay!

Car bumps and lumps have a habit of knocking the underpinnings of your confidence out for awhile....