Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marshmallow Fluff

That's what my brain's like on the five hours of sleep I got last night. It's also what my house looks like with primer on it, but no base coat yet. Today we had a ton of friends come by to help, and they got all but one side of the house primed. Tomorrow our dads magical housepainting elves will be by. We will leave for work with our house white as the driven snow, but return to it when it is dark grey. Magic!

Everyone who came to help today was so gracious, especially considering that I couldn't do much of the painting myself due to Saturday baby duties. I like to think that the homemade foodstuffs I offered were enough, but in truth I know that everyone worked harder than I did today. Good job, guys. And thanks. I'm lucky to call you friends.

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