Monday, November 03, 2008

One More Day, Thank Heaven

I have been simply aghast at how many people, some of whom I love and respect, have implied that those of us who are voting for Obama are not Christians. It is even more dismaying to read damning statements towards us, our nation, and our world. I have come up with a thousand arguments in my head, have gone through all the stages of grief (for to have someone relegate me to among the worst of the worst feels like both a betrayal and a loss), but in the end I have felt compelled to remain silent. To argue would only create more division.

As a Christian, I do hope that how I vote honors both God and others. I understand that I am an imperfect human, and that thus my choices are also imperfect. But there's this thing called grace that covers over a multitude of sins, that God extends to us and that we in turn are called to extend to one another. It is not hard to forgive those who speak ill of me; it is hard, however, to quiet my own pride and let time be the judge.

Whoever is elected tomorrow, I hope and pray for the best for all of us. Let us not forget that God is love, that he desires unity over division, and that he authors the triumph of grace over evil.


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