Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have always loved autumn. Having been born with an aversion to the heat, the end of summer can never come fast enough for me. But autumn is more than relief from my heat-related suffering: it is a new beginning. The leaves blaze their glorious colors, and there is promise in the brisk air. Thanksgiving is coming, and then Christmas. There's often a stew or chili on the stove, and it is no longer uncomfortable to bake. And then there's my favorite part of all: the napping. A summer nap is good, and a winter nap is cozy, but in autumn you can get comfy beneath covers (impossible in summer), yet still feel like getting out from under them eventually (unlike in winter, when I could very well stay ensconced in down and kitty cats for the duration of the season). I nap nearly every day if I can manage it, and these autumn naps have been particularly delicious. I hope winter doesn't come too soon.

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Shiz said...

So. Envious. Of the naps.