Tuesday, November 04, 2008


There is hope.

coffee, clipboard, name tag

And also free coffee and t-shirts. I suppose time may prove me wrong, but for this time in my life I have worked for something I believe in, that I believe is for the greater good. I have worked not just for a candidate, though I believe in his vision for our future, but I have worked for us. The intentions of my heart are for good for all of us. And I still tear up a little when I listen to this song:

No matter how we voted today or how much we have disagreed with each other, we can heal our divisions. We can be better people. We can swallow our pride and love one another better. We need each other. No matter what, let's be better. It isn't wrong to want change. It isn't wrong to want things to be better. It isn't wrong to put down our accusations and work together.

Happy Election Day, America.

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