Sunday, December 28, 2008

Complete with Bunny Slippers

In order to help you understand why I have been so frazzled lately, I feel I should offer the following insights into my personality:

1. I do best when life follows a routine.
2. I am not a morning person.
3. I am a classic introvert, meaning that I feel more energized when I have had a good bit of time alone.

Now I will offer glimpses into my life as of late:

1. I work for three different families, and while much of the time my schedule is regular, during the holidays I've worked odd hours for two of the three families.
2. Five days a week I have to be to work by 7am, and on the sixth it's 7:30.
3. All the parties and gatherings over the holidays coupled with my odd work hours meant that I was rarely by myself for an extended period of time.

I've been a little grumpy and overwhelmed. Which is why today I do not feel at all guilty that I have spent the entire day in my pajamas, surfing the internet.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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