Saturday, December 06, 2008

I Ate Too Many Peanut M&M's Today

I really need to stop buying M&M's of any sort. I end up eating them instead of real food. For example, today I ate mint M&M's, peanut M&M's, a couple slices of turkey from the fridge at work, and a ham sandwich. I also drank a coffee. I thought about that as I was heading out on my run and figured that while the calorie intake was probably sufficient, nutrient intake was definitely lacking. At least the bread was homemade and the ham was all natural uncured something or other.


The kids had their school Christmas program last night, and it was pretty adorable. Mary Liz's group wore sheep masks for their first number, and Jack's first song featured Elvis's Christmas-themed cousin, Elfis, complete with white jumpsuit and wicked sideburns. We had a terrible time getting the kids ready to go, what with Jack unable to find anything he was supposed to be wearing and Mary Liz insisting that her crocs were dressy enough, then throwing an enormous fit when I told her that she had to wear her real dress shoes. We've been working very hard lately on learning to calm down and accept when things are not exactly as she likes them to be. It's pretty rough. We do a lot of deep breathing exercises with my favored accompaniment of "Okaaaaaaaay. (deep breath together) Okaaaaaaaaaaay. (deep breath again) Okaaaaaaaaaaaay." I love her to death, and I'd really hate for her first five boyfriends to have to endure this kind of torture, so I keep at it even when I'd like to just put her in her room and tell her she can have no more fun, ever, not even a little bit.


I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping. If our kitchen gets finished this weekend and I can put the tools back in the basement, it will free up space for our Christmas tree, so we'll have something to put all these wrapped gifts under. Because heaven forbid that I should buy gifts and not wrap them immediately. The sky would probably fall and then I'd be left with a pile of crushed gifts. As it is, I have a pile of wrapped gifts sitting randomly in the living room.


I've had a lot of controversial things on my mind lately, but I'm always afraid to say them here for fear that suddenly the internet trolls will rain down their fire and brimstone upon me and my hideous intolerance. But I've got a little post brewing about adoption versus IVF, so hold on to your bonnets if you're highly in favor of science aiding in human reproduction.


For now it's off to bed, where I should have been an hour ago, had I not run late and subsequently been WIDE! AWAKE! thanks to running's upper effect.

Goodnight, all.


Shiz said...

We really do need raspberry-chocolate m&ms. That taste all respberry-chocolatey.

Also I so miss the crispy m&Ms. Those were the best.

Jennifer said...

man, I've had none of these delectable lettered treasures! I'm still back a couple decades thinking that peanut ones are exotic. Do they not have them in canada or what? Just maybe not in Monastery, NS. ggrrr..

but really I commented so I could say, RANT ON SISTA! I can't wait! Actually, I was thinking how irresponsible I would feel to even have a 3rd child. seriously. most people would look at me like WHat?? But that's just where I am at. ESP since I would be raising yet another hyperconsumer, aka, WEsterner. If we lived meagerly in tibet or something, and led more responsible lives, maybe not so much. But even if you are trying to 'be green' and all here, we are still crazy by comparison. I don't know anybody (here anyway) who has really taken a hard hit on their lifestyle to be more responsible/ less selfish to the world.

And yes, anybody could say, well then Miss Critic, YOU take the hit. But what I'm saying is that you would stick out as HUGELY hippie and alterno-lifestyle to ACTUALLY live properly green.
Most of the things we do are hat tips to green life. The majority of us, myself TOTALLY included ( I just got back from wal-mart only hours ago) are still fiercely preserving our comfort zone. And the chances of me raising someone in my area of the world who is really that carbon near-zero... not happening.