Monday, December 15, 2008

Only $1000 Later, and Our Car is the Cleanest It's Been Since 2003

If you wreck your car the weekend before Thanksgiving week, please note that it will take more than four weeks to get it back. Try to plan your auto accidents for a more convenient time of year. Also, call your insurance agent and make sure your deductible for collision is the same as for comprehensive, and not double the amount. The $500 that will stay in your pocket will thank me for this later.

So we have our car back, which is wonderful. It's also been cleaned, which makes it even more wonderful. Not so wonderful is the fact that I work with two kids who rarely remember to pay attention to where their limbs go or whether or not they are dirty, so it won't be that way for long. Which is why I am taking the borrowed Kia to pick them up one last time today. Call me selfish,'d be right. I love both kids dearly, but boy can they ever make a mess without even trying. If I were to enumerate the number of times we've had the "If the towel is dirty after you dry your hands on it, you didn't get them clean enough when you were washing them" conversation, you might pass out thinking of all that wasted breath. I have this fantasy that when Jarod and I have kids, they will use the towels properly, but I'll probably just end up getting and Xlerator installed in the house and make the kids use that. I'm thinking the chrome model looks nice...

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Shiz said...

Kids get black towels in my fantasy world.