Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lots of things are changing around here, and not just the sheets. Important things are changing. Such as:

1. I now blow dry my hair at least four days per week. This is not because I am no longer lazy, but because I often have someplace to go shortly after I shower, and have you gone outside in winter with wet hair? I have had to accept this as a necessary evil in my life.

2. I have upper body strength, visible muscles even. Whoa. And thanks, 30 Day Shred.

3. Soon will be changing. I'm not talking about a total blog redesign; this space will stay largely the same, though I do hope to make some improvements in the near future. What I am referring to is the split personality that is about to receive. If you've been getting here by way of, you will not notice any difference. If, however, you come by way of, you will soon notice that you have a choice between blog or photography. My husband has been working quite hard on putting together space for me to sell photos, and we are going live with it on February 1. We'll offer a new collection quarterly, plus special collections from time to time. I hope you'll like the new offerings and the new look. Kudos to Jarod for putting it together; I never would have done it on my own. Thanks, babe.


True Grits said...

Hi, I am just now reading your blog and hope you don't mind if I link you on mine. Love your writing--thanks for brightening my day!

marry said...

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