Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well, sort of. Jarod had to go to a meeting at work, but after that he came home and became Phae's cushion for the balance of the day.

lazy sunday

I started the day lazing about on the sofa, eating more Hershey's kisses than I'd care to count, drinking coffee, and watching Pride and Prejudice. I felt a little bad about being in my pajamas all that time that Jarod was getting ready and going to work, but you see where he ended up, whereas I ended up doing Shred Level 1, followed by what is pictured below, followed by Shred Level 2.

someone is a little anal retentive

I like to think that makes all things even, or even puts me a little ahead. I did, after all, refold every single one of my sweaters.

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ericagwen said...

I'm in the middle of watching Pride and Prejudice right now! It's one of those movies that I'll never get tired of. Your closet is inspiring. We cleaned the fridge yesterday and now I open it just to see it sparkle : )