Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's been hard to go to bed lately, mostly because we all get so cozy in the living room. Whoever put this down comforter on the sofa is a terrible person who cares nothing for my need for nighttime sleep.

Er, wait, that was me.

In truth, I highly recommend a down comforter for the sofa, particularly if you keep the heat low like we do. I also highly recommend a butler who will fetch you whatever you desire in order that you will not have to leave the comfort of your downy nest. That or you could fill a basket full of snacks and bring out two cups of tea at once. You know, whatever works.

This week I feel incredibly fortunate to have time for my morning naps. After the food poisoning came another thing which wasn't altogether pleasant, and now I feel like I want to sleep away every single morning. I think if you knew the details of life this past week (which I will perhaps share at a later date), you'd agree that it is perfectly acceptable for me to sleep from the moment I'm able to re-pajama myself after my morning shift until eleven-thirty or perhaps even noon. Still I feel a little guilty, as usual, waking every now and again to observe the progress of the clock. Today I got up a full fifteen minutes before I was truly ready, and what did that do for me? Not much.

Tomorrow I'm either facing the other direction or moving the clock.

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