Thursday, January 08, 2009

There's No Better Time to Catch Up

It all started yesterday, when I couldn't figure out what to eat. This happens a lot when I am working in the homes of others. Since overhauling my diet--not even my diet, actually, my entire eating philosophy--I have a much harder time finding something to eat when I am working. Up until yesterday, I hadn't really entertained the idea of taking food with me to work, but after the disastrous choice I made, which left me using my finest anti-vomit techniques for much of the evening and into the night, I am now intent on taking a little snack pack with me. I am not judging anyone else's food selection practices, just saying that now that I know better, I really just need to do better. I carry the most enormous handbag available to me; I can surely find a little room for a baggie of trail mix or a sandwich. And I will.

For now, though, I am glued to my sofa. While the illness has largely passed, the exhaustion it left in its wake has not. This is frustrating for many reasons, one of which is that I really miss showering. Oh, the things we take for granted: standing upright for more than thirty seconds at a time, eating something that is not a flavorless cracker, clearance shopping at Target on a whim, etc. By tomorrow I should be good to go, but for now, I am...stuck. And Jarod is stuck making his own dinner, which is probably only fair since he took the opportunity to beat my Bejeweled high score last night while I was in the midst of my anti-vomit techniques. Bastard.


On Saturday I unexpectedly had the day off, so I headed out to shop for a new-to-me table. The criteria: under $50, seats at least four comfortably, will fit in our tiny dining room. I struck out at Urban Mining, but hit the jackpot at River Market Antiques, where I also ran into one of my readers, Erica. Hi, Erica! Erica was picking up some small treasures, and I'm hoping she was so entranced by all the fabulous merchandise available that she didn't notice that I hadn't lint-rolled my coat in about a week and had a runny nose.


There's not much else going on here, which is a relief. I like being back into the swing of normal life, no holiday gatherings to plan for, no completely jacked-up schedule to contend with, plenty of time for my daily nap. Or in today's case, naps. It is good to have an ordinary life.


Shepcat said...

Still not a proponent of Tim Keel's practice of "sport puking," I see. Anyway, I hope you're back to feeling 100 percent soon.

Apropos of nothing, I heard about this rogue nanny on NPR today and thought of you (as her polar opposite, of course). I was justifiably appalled but also a little awed by her chutzpah and enterprise:

ericagwen said...

Hi, Mary! It was good to randomly meet you. I can't believe I've never run into you at church, but the antique store is just as good. And don't worry, I didn't notice your coat or your runny nose : )