Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Venti Hazelnut Mocha Just Wore Off

Boy am I ever tired. My schedule has rearranged itself once again, so now I am working fairly late Friday night and then am up early on Saturday to take care of my sweet Saturday baby. It's been fine so far, but I'll admit that today the coffee wore off shockingly quickly. I'm even skipping my workout, but that's also because I recognize my tendency to overdo it, and it's really better to take a rest day when I need it (and my shoulders are screaming for a break) than to injure myself and not be able to work out at all for weeks on end.

Speaking of working out, I have decided that traditional exercise is never fun. While I really like the 30 Day Shred, it's not because I actually enjoy the workout. It's because I can't argue with the results. While I haven't lost any more weight beyond the initial two pounds that fell off in the beginning, I have suddenly lost many of my trouble spots. I'm still the same size, but firmer. I'm sure if I were better about eating healthy snacks instead of sweets, I'd have lost some pounds, but I'm really not interested in doing that right now. I might not ever be. It takes a lot of mental energy to maintain the kind of lifestyle that results in a "perfect" body, and I really can't be bothered. I don't want to be the kind of person who considers body shape important enough to set aside more worthy pursuits in order to have a bikini-ready body in February.

One of the marks our culture leaves on us, or at least on many of us, is the desire to look a certain way that is unrealistic for most people. I don't doubt that I will most likely struggle with this for my whole life, that I will have to do my best to resist the urge to compare myself to others for as long as I feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in public. It is hard work to learn to accept the body I've been given, to know where the line is between healthy habits and vanity. The thing about appearance is that it can be a powerful motivator, and if we can learn to harness that motivation for healthy results, it can be a good thing. While the numbers on my cholesterol test are fantastic, I must admit that looking in the mirror to discover that certain areas of cellulite have disappeared is more of a tangible result for me. Ah, vanity, thank you in advance for helping prevent osteoporosis.

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