Monday, March 02, 2009

Day Two of Excellent Nutrition, and I Really Miss M&M's as a Late Night Snack

I totally forgot about the sugar withdrawal headaches on this eating plan. I think that's because last time I did it, I was too distracted by the gnawing hunger of the first three days to really notice if I had a headache or not. That or I hadn't been eating as much sugar leading up to it last time, so the glucose drop off wasn't so severe. I don't really care, though. I'm fairly certain that if I did have headaches last time, they cleared up right about the time the longing to gnaw my own arm off did, which was near the end of day three. Day three is tomorrow! Convenient! I can totally do this!

For those who are wondering, I'm doing Mary's Interpretation of the celebrity favorite, Harley Pasternak's 5 Factor Diet. Honestly, the book is a little cheesy and the celebrity endorsements are nice for Harley, but kind of a pain in the ass as far as I'm concerned. However, the principles behind the plan are solid, so I do it. Except for two things:

1. Fat free dairy products? GROSS. I can do the yogurt since I'm always mixing it with something else, but cheese? Is there anything redeeming about fat free cheese? I don't think so. I use 1% yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk, and I use full fat cheese. Reduced fat or fat free cheese can suck it.

2. No thank you to the Splenda, which he recommends for his sweet treats. It's chlorinated sugar. DO NOT WANT. I use agave. It's got calories, sure, but it's nutritionally better for you than chlorinated sugar. And since this is more about getting more nutrition into my body instead of crap, I think that a wise nutritional choice is something that is a natural, whole food.

If you're the type of person that cannot do moderation very well, this is a good plan for you. You still get the reprieve of a cheat day once a week, when you can eat anything your little mouth desires, but don't have the temptation of any small treats all around you the rest of the time. I do much better just forgoing all the sweets until I can go whole hog. If moderation works out for you, then great. But I know myself, and I know that it isn't my thing. I need structure! Rules! Routine! And then? A nice break. I know I cannot sustain the program in a strict way for the long haul, but it works out well for me to follow it strictly for a few weeks and then add things back in as part of the routine. I fully intend to add back in a weekday afternoon Starbucks run once a week, but for the first few weeks I'm just working on eating well all the time (aside from the cheat day, of course). Other things I'll probably add back in will be one convenience dinner per week (usually pizza on Tuesday nights, since that's the evening I get in too late to really feel like cooking) and coffee with half & half in the morning. So there you have it.

Not that you asked.


So of course I decided to start my fabulous new nutrition-filled life during a week that begins with yet another 8am blood draw and Jack and Mary Liz having a day off school. I had promised them that we'd go out to my parents' farm the next time they had a day off, so we went. It worked out well for everyone--burned a lot of daylight and allowed me to drop off and pick up some things from my parents, but man was it ever tedious overall. No one was ready when I arrived at work this morning, and then there was the drive. Driving any distance greater than three miles reminds now results not in little heads nodding off in the back seat, but little mouths asking lots of questions the whole way, and then arguing about the answers, either with me or with each other. I do miss the days when I answered a question and they took it as fact. Now that they can read, they like to correct each other and me. Delightful!

Of course I came home and made dinner after that. I wouldn't want to be a slouch! I also had convinced myself that I would work out following dinner. I made it five minutes. Great job, yeah?

Now there's nothing I want more than to do a face plant into my pillow.

The end.

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