Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Accident

I thought that this week I would get back to a regular schedule, but as usual, I was just fooling myself. When is my schedule ever regular? Never. And this is why I keep forgetting things. I need routine to remember everything, and when I don't have it, the swiss cheese holes in my memory open right up and let things drop out. I'm pretty comfortable with this happening as long as it doesn't inconvenience anyone else.

So tonight I was preparing this new recipe, because if there's one thing I love to do, it's to get rid of extra food from my house by foisting it on others in the form of something delicious. We had a ton of extra croissants leftover from the party on Sunday, and tonight is our Lost night with friends, so voila. A dessert shall be made! And is being made! Is in the oven right now, actually! Hooray!

Except there was a small problem during the making of the dessert. Mostly this problem boils down to me reading the recipe off the card I'd scribbled it down on, then forgetting that it was six croissants and six eggs, but only three cups of milk. I simmered six cups of milk, let six cups of milk cool, whisked in six ounces of chocolate and thought, "Gee, that looks kind of...not very chocolatey." At which point I consulted the recipe card and discovered my mistake. Luckily, I always keep an excessive the perfect amount of chocolate chips on hand, so I ran to the basement for a bag and added six ounces. A few turns of the whisk later and I had twice the amount of chocolatey milk that I needed, which also meant that I had about four cups of...(wait for it)....

Remarkably Delicious Hot Chocolate!
(Yep, I'm giving you a recipe, and I'm calling it Remarkably Delicious Hot Chocolate! Please take care to use the exclamation point.)

2 cups half and half
1 cup 1% milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup (six ounces) chopped chocolate or chocolate chips

Heat half & half, milk, and vanilla over medium heat until it simmers, taking care not to watch it too closely, because, as we all know, watched milk never simmers. Cool, covered, for fifteen minutes. Whisk in chocolate. Drink up!

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