Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Think We've Become "Those People"

On Sunday we are hosting our godson's first birthday party. His mother said they'd like to keep it small and intimate, only inviting family and close friends. Being still childless, when I think small, I think, oh, maybe...a dozen. But when you think about it, if a family of five invites other families with children, a dozen just isn't practical. So we're having between twenty-six and thirty guests. This has caused me a bit of worry, seeing as our house is kind of little and we don't have a ton of chairs, but when it was offered to change locations to the birthday boy's home (previously we didn't know if this would be an option or not, as his dad has been going through some serious medical treatments), I decided that it would be far more stressful to get all the party gear to their house than it would be to have it here and risk having some of us sit on the floor (I know, horrors!). Also, I've already made a birthday banner that fits our dining room.

So you're maybe you're thinking, "Uh, Mary, what's the big deal? So you throw the plates and cups and food into your car and drive it over. What are you, stupid?" Well, no. We're those people. We're the ones who are not using disposable tableware and who have made a cake that is sitting on our bamboo cutting board. We're even (oh, dear, how annoying) using cloth napkins. For a party for a one-year-old.

We are so annoying.

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