Saturday, March 21, 2009

If You're Looking for Something Interesting or at Least Longish, You'll Have to Wait

Earlier this evening I brought home a dozen balloons, light blue and red, for the party tomorrow. A moment before I opened the door to bring them in, I had the urge to just let them go. The weather was perfect with just a slight breeze, and it seemed like a nice thing to do, just let them go and watch them float away. But I guess I'll have to dig up another $12.99 and another perfect day because I kept 'em for the kids. They're pressing against the ceiling near the front door now.

Most of the things for the party are in order. I played a round of Refrigerator Tetris and won, surprisingly. For the first time this week, I am sitting idle with nothing pressing to do besides pet a cat.

Except, crap, I just remembered one more thing I need to do...

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