Sunday, March 08, 2009

I'm Still Undecided About My Hair

But I may be close to a decision, unless lots more people vote for the one I'm not favoring at the moment. So far it's two and two in the comments, plus an extra for Charlize from my husband. I still lean in the direction of Charlize for two reasons: 1. ponytail summertime FTW!!!, and also 2. I can always do the Selma on my next appointment, and will likely return to it in the fall or winter anyway. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's actually cooler to have longer hair in the summer. It's all about the ponytailabilty factor. Conversely, in the chill of winter, shorter is warmer since I'm more likely to blow dry it completely. (I cannot be bothered to blow dry long hair.)

All that to say, if you really adore the Selma cut and have not commented, you might want to put in your vote now. No matter how you vote, please remember to factor in how I would look with that cut while wearing a bathing suit.


I'm trying to take a more gentle approach to getting things done around the house as opposed to getting in a tizzy and never feeling like I've gotten enough done. This is...hard. I'm attempting to take deep breaths and remind myself that each thing I get done is one step closer to finishing off the list, but my true impulse is to go racing around the house, doing thing after thing after thing and collapsing at the end of the day, rendering myself too exhausted to do anything of value the next day, except maybe long for caffeine. Which, I know, isn't really of value to anyone except my local Starbucks or Latteland.

With that in mind, yesterday I painted the bathroom while the baby napped, and today I sanded and oiled the butcher block that goes on top of our kitchen drawer unit. Later I may scrape a bit more wallpaper from the bedroom walls. Which sounds perfectly calm and wonderful of me, except that in my mind I'm thinking, "And then I need to figure out when to fix the drawer that Lucy took apart and paint the bathroom ceiling and wipe down the bedroom walls and sand the plaster parts of the bedroom walls and caulk the bedroom and paint the bedroom and find a piece to fix the kitchen light fixture and buy the medallion for the dining room light fixture and make a list for Jarod and organize the office and do the dishes and oil the kitchen counters and and and AND AND AND ANDANDANDANDAAAAAAAAAND..." It will help you get the general feel for things if you read that without taking a breath and then hyperventilate into a paper bag. At the end, remind yourself that the exterior of the house needs to be painted and the numbers need to be put up and the window boxes need to be made.

And don't forget to plant the garden!


I am working a lot lately, perhaps too much. For now I feel like it's fine, despite my inner anxiety about all the things that are not getting done at home, because we've had some extra bills, and once those are paid it will be nice to have the additional funds to sock away for our autumn European vacation. We'll do London again, and possibly Nice, and if Nice, possibly Corsica (heads up, Cara, we're coming your way...we hope). Nothing is set in stone, and all depends on my ability to save the appropriate amount. I've promised Jarod a new laptop with the money we save by not having to pay our mortgage for a month (thanks, mortgage refinancing!), but after that all our extra dollars are for ME! ME! ME! Well, for us, as I won't leave Jarod at home, but I think we can all guess who will be purchasing most of the souvenirs on the trip. The name of that person is not Jarod.


I visited Old Lady Mary today and taped some pictures to her wall for her. I got so many compliments on my skill and speed that I'm thinking of adding it to my resume. It will go right under "Senseless Blog Posting" and above "Compulsive Kitchen Cleaning," which is what I'm off to do now.

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cara said...

Ah yeah, sweet! And we will welcome you with open arms or handshakes or really whatever you're comfortable with. Even les bises if we must.

Keep us posted! We'll probably be gone for a good chunk of August (and maybe not in great email contact), but for sure will be back for September as Ayva will be starting school, well maternelle.