Monday, April 20, 2009

As Random As Usual

1. I thought it was the cutest thing ever when Mary Liz described her love for corn dogs, but it turns out it's even cuter that she decided to name her new pet toad (which she thinks is a bullfrog) Freckles. Freckles hops a lot and eats mealworms because the pet store was out of crickets.

2. I've been cranking out a lot of baked goods lately. Next time I pop into the Apple store, I expect to see some expanded waistlines, as I keep sending the leftovers to work with Jarod. Sorry you had to buy bigger pants, everybody.

3. I visited Old Lady Mary today and brought her socks and cheese bear claw danishes. She felt bad that she didn't have anything for me, so she gave me a Walgreen's sales circular with a coupon missing and a half-melted, broken, little candy bar. I think this may tie with Mary Liz and her toad for cutest thing ever.

4. I don't get the tea party thing. Sorry, tea party people. I understand the bit where you don't want more taxes, but didn't most of y'all just get a tax cut? And also, didn't you have to pay taxes on those tea bags you brought for the party? Or did you shoplift, leaving the money for the price of the tea but not the tax? I'm confused.

5. Do any of you bury large chunks of cinder blocks in your garden? If so, why? I only ask because I dug some up in the flower bed next to our back door, and I am more baffled by this than by any of the other oddities we've encountered while doing home improvement. Please share any theories you may have, conspiracy or otherwise.


daysgoby said...

Number 5: Not sure about cinder blocks but up here if a stone is too big in a field to move they dig a beeeg hole and bury it. Maybe the same thing?

bridget said...

I believe our tiny backyard served as trash dump for the house's residents. We have found lengths of old pipe, bottles, toy parts. My favorite is the porcelain doll arm.