Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gardening for Lazyasses

Last year when we put in our garden, we were more on top of things. I suppose part of this is because I had more time and also because Jarod was interested in helping as well. (This year I'm working more, and Jarod has yet to express an interest in anything beyond listening to me blather on about the cinder blocks in the yard.) So we had a nice, initially weed-free plot where we planted straight rows of things, some of which did okay and some of which were eaten by mystery pests and died an unimpressive death. I ended up with a decent amount of tiny onions, some potatoes, a few carrots, and a paltry amount of peas. It wasn't much for the amount of work we did.

This year I decided I hate weeding, that rows don't need to be straight, and that if things are planted late, then oh, well. So far I've planted peas, potatoes, carrots, and mixed gourmet lettuces. Those last two I planted today, which you may note is well beyond the "before the last frost" recommendation for both plants. I also dug up a bit more of the plot next to the back door, but stopped when I felt like it. Some may say "no pain, no gain," but I say, "I'm not so sure about that; get back to me at harvest time."

I'll keep you posted on what grows and what is a miserable failure.

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