Monday, April 13, 2009

I Hate You, April 2009

I keep saying this thing that I don't really believe, which is that I am fatter in the cold weather because my body wants the extra pounds to help keep it warm. What I really believe is that if I just tried harder and had more willpower, I would be perfectly svelte all year long. The problem is that when I am cold, I have no motivation to try harder or to engage in any pursuit that requires either will or power. What I want is to sit on the sofa, curled up with a few cats and a giant bag of M&M's, or perhaps finer chocolates if the budget allows. And maybe a nice hot mocha. For dinner, I would have a cream-based soup which would also include cheese. If there would be a side of crusty bread with a generous dollop of butter offered, I would accept it with glee. And then I would be happy. Also probably chubby, which brings me to the original point. If only I had willpower! I would eat salads in the cold! I would skip dessert! I wouldn't care a whit for butter! And working out would be my joy and pleasure!

But have you seen me working out lately? My face during my workout is the bershon of adulthood, so totally over it. Working out is lame.

This April weather in the forties can suck it. First, though, I'd like it to pass the M&M's.

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k-stin said...

I agree with you on every point in this post. I have thought about how I DO NOT want to work out when it is cold. I just want to curl up and well, be cozy.

Sometimes I think my body is putting on extra pounds to keep warm, but that's just to make me feel better...