Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Is It Ready Yet? How About Now? What About Now? Now?

I suppose there are worse reasons to be up late than the one I've got. I've certainly used plenty, most recently that I was up late reading Twilight and then, the next night, New Moon. I have moved on to Eclipse, but that is not keeping me up tonight. What's keeping me up is frosting.

While I'm doing better minimizing food waste when it comes to the meals just Jarod and I eat, the party we had threw me off my game. Not only did we do much of the shopping at Costco, where, if you need a bit more than one enormous package, you have to buy a whole other enormous package, but I also inherited the Oh Dear What If There's Not Enough Food gene, possibly from both sides of the family. We bought enough to feed a small army, though we were feeding something more akin to a water polo team whose members are all watching their figures. Since then we have had a fridge stuffed to the gills with food, food, and more food, and I have been doing my best to use it up. Jarod's done an admirable job with much of the deli meat, while I have been throwing things into new recipes and improvised casserole(ish) dishes for a solid week. As of this evening, we've got a bag of baby carrots, half an onion, and a big bowl of frosting left over. The carrots and partial onion are easy to incorporate into any number of dishes, while the frosting, simply must go on cupcakes.

The cupcakes are baked already; that's a cinch. The part I didn't consider was that an enormous bowl of frosting (because of course I made entirely too much of that, too), would take quite some time to come to room temperature. We're going on three hours and half of it is still to firm too spread without destroying the cupcake tops.

I'm beginning to understand now why people are unwilling to give up their tubs of store-bought frosting despite the questionable ingredient list; they simply want to get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

If you like Twilight, you will LOVE Stephenie Meyer's take on the first book from Edward's perspective ( I think I like it better than the original Twilight series.... have fun!

A said...

I totally have that gene, too.

I like to nuke store-bought tub frosting -- especially dark chocolate -- to a thick, slow liquid and then dip the tops of the cupcakes in them. It sets up to a glossy finish that's easy to write on, doesn't get smushed in transport (if your cupcakes are on the go), and isn't as thick as I'd frost them if it were room temperature or warmed a little and whipped, which also decreases the amount (calories!) even though it still looks like a whole sugary mountain.

Wow. Obviously I give cupcakes a lot of thought. I'm giving yours a lot of thought even though I'm 1,000 miles away.

This wasn't the least bit helpful, however, regarding the long warming time of a huge bowl of homemade frosting. Maybe put it in a sink full of hot water? :)