Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've Gone and Done It AGAIN

I booked our autumn trip so that Jarod's birthday occurs while we are away. I'm not sure whether we'll be in London or Nice at that point, but either way, don't you kind of want to look at Jarod and sneer at his good fortune? Go ahead, he's not looking. And I won't tell.

We scheduled the trip then for a few reasons, but mostly because we went at the same time last year and it worked out well. It's not so late in the season that everything is shut down in Nice, yet late enough that many of the tourists have cleared out and prices on accommodations are lower. The weather is still warm enough in both cities that we don't suffer being out and about, even in the evening. It's a good time to go.

You may be wondering, too, why we keep going to the same places. What are we, boring? Uninteresting? Stupid? Possibly all three, but the truth is that London always has something else to offer, and from Nice we can get to myriad attractive destinations. It also seems more like a vacation when we are comfortable and don't feel like sleeping in will cause us to miss something very important. To us, the sleeping is what's very important. Well, that and the pastries.

I am, of course, already dreaming of those pastries. September simply can't come fast enough.

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k-stin said...

That sounds great! There's nothing wrong with vacationing in a place you look forward to. Enjoy it!