Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Public Service Announcement

If you have a small ant problem, and find that the ants are mainly in your dishwasher, noshing on the food that's left on your dirty plates since you no longer leave dirty dishes or food out anywhere else in the kitchen, please consider the following:

1. They will somehow live through the dishwasher cycle, even if you have your hot water heater set at the highest temperature possible.

2. Because the food source has been removed from the dishwasher, if you do not shut and seal the dishwasher door completely after unloading, the ants will exit in search of food. Your counters will then be covered with hungry, frantic ants who have just been through a very traumatic experience.

3. You will never find all the ants, so drown the ones you can in the sink and then accept that you'll find more, possibly crawling on your back during your workout.

You may now return you to whatever it was you were doing, and I sincerely hope it wasn't killing ants.

1 comment:

k-stin said...

Oh man! I thought it was bad having a never-ending supply of ants in my shower/bathtub! Yours is definitely worse!

One time, I did have the ant climb on my leg and ride with me to the couch. Good luck!