Monday, May 25, 2009

Some of You Will Nod in Understanding; Others Will Roll Their Eyes

I'm getting closer and closer to heading to bed after some late night catching up. I headed to bed the first time tonight with a raging tension headache, and no amount of tossing and turning or kitty cat petting would cure it. Even extensive pressure applied by loving fingers to my head, neck, and shoulders didn't make a significant dent. So I broke it down to what was bothering me, and I got up and took care of it.

Lest you think I was on a quest for deeper spiritual meaning or needed to solve a key budgetary issue or something, let me give you a brief list of what was bothering me.

1. Lack of workout since Friday.
2. Laundry, bunched up in the same baskets I put it in last Monday, minus the articles we'd dug out and worn during the week.
3. Dishes--pots and pans mostly, with two cookie sheets and a non-dishwasher-safe travel mug thrown into keep it interesting.

As I completed each task, I felt the tension easing more and more, until finally, when I threw in a quick clean of the bathroom for good measure, it was just a dull pull at my temples.

I can sleep now, at last.

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