Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Things That Have Changed My Life: A List

1. Naps.

2. Modern Friction from Origins. It helps prevent acne by sloughing off dead skin cells, and my skin looks brighter when I use it. Plus, it's helped heal a lot of my acne scarring. I tried to go without it and got three enormous zits. Lesson learned.

3. Copious amounts of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel from Daniel Kern. This is the guy who started acne.org. What I love about it is that, in conjunction with my Origins products, it's completely prevented breakouts. I had horrible adult acne, and this did the trick. It's also made without parabens, which I love.

4. Yoga. Running started me on my way to understanding better how my body works and how to listen to it; yoga has fleshed that understanding out more fully. I think a lot more now about how I am holding and moving my body, about how my body and mind and spirit are working together. It's taught me a lot about balance and acceptance. Plus, for the first time ever, I asserted myself in regards to my schedule and my own needs; everyone I work for knows that I go to yoga on Tuesday evenings, and I am not available to work then.

5. Boden (and other retailers like them). I know, I know, hello consumeritis. But the truth is that it feels good to spend a little more on clothes that are produced ethically. The fit of the clothing I've ordered has been excellent, and the quality is superb. Now that I'm pretty much an old woman, I'd much rather buy classic pieces that will last, and I love that I don't have a twinge of guilt every time I put the clothing on, wondering if it was made by a child or someone who is enslaved to their employer.

6. Staying a nanny. I know that being a nanny is something that many people do while they are going through school or between college and their "real" profession. It's been humbling in the best way possible to keep doing something that most people think is for those of lesser intelligence or experience. I am proud of the job that I have done for the people I have worked for, and prouder still of the little people I've helped grow up. I am good at this, and I like doing it. I don't imagine that doing something else would be as good a fit.

7. Accepting my night owl tendencies. It's nearly midnight, and I'm glad I'm still awake. Goodnight to those of you turning in already; if you need me, I'll be reading a bit in the quiet of the lamplit living room.


A said...

Yes! Daniel Kern should be canonized. Except he's not, you know, dead, so maybe we should just have a national holiday. And maybe he's not Catholic... but then, neither am I. OK. Too much espresso for A.

Joana said...

Origins is a rice starch cushioned in cream, to gently slough off dead skin cells, reverse damage and get rid of discolorations.