Monday, May 11, 2009

This Will Be Totally Disappointing

I don't blog often anymore because what would I tell you? Hi, we found another snake in our garage. Also, I have no time to keep my house in order and get enough sleep, so I choose sleep and just accept that sometimes I don't get the non-perishables put away for two days. At least I moved the bag with the chocolate chips in it out of the sun, right? I should probably get a special prize for that; bag scooching takes some serious effort.

Other than that, I've been thinking a lot lately about being an introvert and how that shapes my relationships (that came out way more self-help-bookish than intended). Particularly I'm noticing how I react to children. When kids are small, I tend to do well with all of them; this is largely because they sleep a lot, so even if they're chatterboxes that hate to be alone for even a moment, I still get a break. As they get older and the naps disappear, I find it much easier to deal with introvert children. This is not to say that I don't love the extroverts, but man alive, if they don't find a friend to play with, it nearly drives me to drink, which isn't smiled upon in my line of work, except by certain families (props to the dad who encouraged me to spike my eggnog if it would help me make it through the day). When I think back to the days I had alone with Mary Liz, I realize that the reason they were so blissful is that we are of like mind. She was happy to sit next to me wherever we went, quietly amusing herself, chatting a little, but mostly getting lost in what she was doing, so I was free to do the same. All this is to say that I pray every night on bended knee and with great fervency that when we have kids, they are not all extroverts. It takes a lot of time to pray until my knees are bruised and/or bloody, and that's why I have no time left to blog.

The end.

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