Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Should Affix Googly Eyes to the Paperwork So I Can Say It's LITERALLY STARING AT ME

Life has been moving along at an alarming rate lately. I traveled Sunday through Tuesday, will travel again Saturday through Tuesday, and again the following Sunday through Friday. In the midst of it all, we've been approved by our first choice adoption agency, and much quicker than I thought, too. I figured it would take two weeks after they'd received our application, and then six days after I'd mailed it, our approval e-mail was there in my inbox. While this was much to my relief, at the same time, I now have a stack of paperwork sitting in front of me much sooner than anticipated--some of it literally right there, some on a list of additional paperwork to acquire--that I can't (and don't want to) ignore. So between travel and the paperwork, I won't have much time on my hands. I suppose this is why I find it perfectly acceptable that I haven't done much today aside from adoption paperwork and research.

Okay, okay, I also made some brownies. But that's kind of like breathing lately, so we can take that as a given part of my day, right?

I had every intention of working out, but I skipped it. If ever there was a time to give myself a break from workouts, now is it. Between working full time hours most week, traveling, doing my best to keep up with laundry and dishes (notice that I did not mention cooking--I've given up completely on that) and the aforementioned stack of paperwork, there's just not much time left. So I'm content with yoga once a week and two levels of 30 Day Shred once a week. I have a feeling there will be plenty of time for working out once the paperwork is in and I've returned to a part time work schedule, so I'll just save it for then. So far all my trousers still fit, and I don't feel extraordinarily ashamed when I put on a two piece bathing suit, so that's that. I've grown a lot lately when it comes to accepting my body and its natural shape, and as long as I avoid pop culture publications, I feel like I'm okay with the fact that the gift my ancestors gave me was the gift of sturdiness. There's nothing wrong with being thick like a tree trunk.

Well, unless it's from eating mostly brownies for meals, which...oh...whoops.

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