Thursday, June 18, 2009

If Only

I wrote a whole different post, but what I really want to say is that I wish I were home more often. If I were home more often:

1. I would be generally calmer.

2. Also more well-rested.

3. The laundry would get folded and put away on the same day it was laundered. Also, dried on the same day it was washed! (I know, it would be like a miracle or something!)

4. I would go to Starbucks a lot less frequently.

5. The dishwasher would get unloaded on the same day it was run, not one or two or (cringing slightly) three days later.

6. I would cook dinner more than once a week.

7. The house would be much cleaner.

8. The piles of unopened mail would be opened, sorted, and put away. As it is, I triage. Are you a bill? I will open you! Not a bill? See you in six months or so!

9. I would not have just made another batch of brownies.

10. I would not be about to dig into those brownies, still hot and gooey, with a spoon.

Okay, so maybe I'm fibbing on 9 & 10. I deserve a little fibbing for all my hard work, right? Nod vigorously, please.

1 comment:

holly said...

this is so my life. i really wish i didn't have to work, or had a part time job and so could spend more time at home being productive. maybe we should quit our jobs and open an etsy shop to sell crafty stuff and make tons of money. :)