Friday, June 05, 2009

Nothin', Really

Tonight as I was passing the Waldo park & ride on my bicycle, I noticed hair that looked like Jarod's on the back of a head in one of the shelters. At that same moment, I got a text. It was from Jarod, wondering if I could pick him up from the park & ride. I wheeled around and said no, unless he wanted to ride on my handlebars. We decided to just walk home together instead.


When I got home, I stood around admiring my lazyass gardening handiwork while Jarod did some actual weeding. He says it's cathartic, and I say that I hope he wants some catharsis every single day because these hands only do what is absolutely necessary. I did weed around my carrots as I thinned them since I recognized that they didn't stand a chance against the rapidly growing grass, but other than that I just trusted that the other plants got enough of a head start post-tarp-removal that they'll bear fruit (er, vegetables?) just fine. The peas are blossoming nicely, the green beans are looking hardy, and the potatoes are reaching for the sky. We'll see about the carrots, and though I haven't killed the cantaloupe yet, I still have my doubts. Down in the lower garden, the tomatoes are already showing small green globes for my small efforts, and the first round of dill I planted is starting to look like a bush. I think my pepper plants are a bit small, but I keep seeing other pepper plants around the city that are roughly the same size, so perhaps I'm doing it right after all. With lazyass gardening, only time will tell.


After allowing Jarod to weed under my admiring gaze, we came inside, and I headed straight back out (or is it straight front out?) to remove the front storm door. I busted the screen out with my butt months ago, and it hasn't been doing anything but getting in the way since. I intended to remove it with just my bare hands and a screwdriver, but pretty soon Jarod came out with a drill and it was all quick and painless after that, aside from the part where the top bit of the aluminum frame detached from the rest of the door and fell on my head. Even that didn't hurt as much as my pride; what am I going to say I did with just my bare hands and a small tool now? Nothing, that's what. I removed a few screws from our busted screen door with just my bare hands and a screwdriver! See, it just doesn't sound as impressive.

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k-stin said...

It sounds like that door had it in for you! Good thing it got removed!!