Thursday, June 25, 2009

Survival, Branson Style

Three days, two nights, four kids, two adults, one hotel room. In Branson, Missouri.

The result? Absolute mayhem.

these kids trashed my hotel room

So we put 'em in jail.

the glory of the elementary-school-aged boy

What? They deserved it.

And besides, I totally let them have ice cream and funnel cakes for lunch that day. Don't tell their parents; usually I'm the Nutrition Police, and I need to uphold my reputation.

Next year we're getting an extra hotel room and bringing extra adults. It has been decreed, and therefore the chosen adults are not allowed to decline the invitation. See you next year, suckers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think we should just get a condo. The cost should be about the same, and we can control the carbs & fat(doughnuts!French toast! biscuits & gravy! bagels!) at breakfast. It should also help maintain adult sanity! I found mine, along with the energy to function physically, around nine this morning. ;-)