Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tall Order

Oh, internet, I need your help again. I am having trouble finding The Perfect Black Flats. Here is the criteria:

1. Not too formal, not too casual, must be versatile enough to be worn with jeans or with a nice skirt. Nothing too clunky or too prissy.

2. Cute detailing, preferably in black. My go-to shoes that are now falling apart have a black flower off to the side of the toe. I'd accept silver or pewter detailing, but no brass or gold.

3. Comfortable enough to walk in. A lot. This means at least a bit of arch support and no bits that might cause blisters.

4. Size 10 if they run true to size, size (ahem) 11 if they don't. Bonus if they run small and you can find a 10 1/2.

5. Under $100, preferably under $75, huge bonus if they're under $50.

I actually love these, even though they're a tiny bit more on the prissy side than I prefer, but you'll notice they don't fit the price range, and I'd have to put in arch supports. Also, where did the Boden reviews go? I need more info, Boden! Fit! Comfort! Etc.!

Ahem. Get window shopping, people. I expect to see some options.

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