Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beggars, Choosers, Something-or-Others

When I was in Grand Central on my way home from Connecticut, I popped into Posman Books to pick up a couple of greeting cards and post cards. While looking for items for others, I saw a postcard that had my name written all over it.

Okay, well, not exactly. But it did say I NEED MONEY BAD. So even though it's true that I need money bad, I still paid the 95 cents for the postcard so that I could stick it on my fridge.

I don't need money bad for anything trivial, and I don't even necessarily need to keep it forever. But I, well, we, do need some funds for our adoption. The dilemma we are in right now is that some of the money we were planning on using is from our Apple stock, which appears to be growing quite well right now. We could still sell some, of course we could, but it seems foolish to sell now and not let it grow more. However, we need that money in fairly short order so that we can send in an important form. So what I'm asking is if you or anyone you know might be willing to give us a hand, either giftwise or via interest-free loan. This will allow us to continue to grow our funds so that we'll have more for the long run, as the bulk of the adoption expenses come due.

Let me know if you need details. I will gladly provide them, but for now would just like to trust that admitting that we have a need, that by bowing my very proud head and saying, "Hey, this would help us a lot," that somehow something will work out.


Thanks a million.

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