Monday, July 27, 2009


I should be in bed by now, but I'm busy looking at last year's vacation photos. I could use a vacation right about now. Today I was thinking about how fast the weekend always seems to fly by, and then it occurred to me that that's natural if your weekend only has one day in it. I think it's only right that I should daydream about the vacation we've already paid for; the nice thing is that I only have to show up with my passport and my really cute suitcase and all is set to go.

Another thing I've been daydreaming about is my trousers not being a wee bit tight. Traveling so much plus being super busy in the meantime has left me with less time to get in solid workouts and a lot more delicious yet trouser-tightening food within my reach. So tonight I pretty much made myself sick on candy so that I won't feel at all tempted as I dive back into weekday healthy eating. I always get into it and feel soooo much better that I swear I won't go back to my old ways, but who am I kidding? I anticipate another Fitting Room Come to Jesus Moment (TM) in about six months. (Fitting Room Moment of Summer '09 provided by Old Navy and a couple of knit skirts.)

For now, though, I'm hoping my night dreams bring me closer to vacation, even though I know that the only thing they bring me closer to for now is the morning alarm.


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