Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last Week in Connecticut

On Sunday I flew out to Connecticut by way of LaGuardia, and I should have known it would be a good trip judging by how smoothly the flights went and the fact that we landed on my favorite runway. What? You don't have a favorite runway at a particular airport? What's wrong with you?

The purpose of the trip was to catch up and hang out with the kids I took care of way back when I lived and worked in Connecticut. They're still as busy as ever, but they're also older and can do more things for themselves, so even though I helped out a bit by driving them some places and getting dinner together one evening (reheating leftovers--complicated), the time I spent with them felt relaxed and easy. The only thing I didn't get to do was sleep in, and even that didn't trouble me too much, thanks to the copious amounts of coffee (glorious coffee!) I was able to ingest. I didn't take as many photos as I have in the past, and this year, thanks to an unexpected financial issue, I was only able to go into New York City for one day, but both of these things turned out to be for the best. Not being tied to my camera allowed me to get a ton of reading done in between the kids' events at swim meets and not going into the city for a second day allowed me to spend more leisure hours with the kids. Win-win, right? And I did get a few good photos anyway.

First we have Grand Central Terminal, also known as Possibly My Favorite Place in NYC. This may seem odd, as I generally do not love crowds, but I do love watching people, and there's just something about the combination of bustle and quiet observation that gets me every time.

this is how i think of grand central

Also, they have a Pylones right there inside. If you haven't ever been to a Pylones, you might be missing out; this all depends on how strong your feelings are about whimsical French tchotchkes. For example, I went in to get an Eiffel Tower cheese grater, but ended up with the following instead:

don't be jealous

Yes, that is a chicken tape dispenser. It looks fantastic on my desk, just two shelves below my jackelope bank. Stop laughing and/or rolling your eyes. My tchotchkes could beat up your tchotchkes any day of the week.

On the last night I was in Connecticut, we went to a little carnival. At the carnival, you could win things:

win something

Or ride things:

rode it while unsure of motion sickness medication status

Or even try to take photos of nothing while riding those things:

while on the cobra

What can I say? I was trying not to vomit, thanks to the fact that my motion sickness medication most definitely did not kick in.

And I didn't vomit, by the way. Otherwise, I would not have given Connecticut such high marks.

See you next year, Nutmeg State.

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Jennifer said...

I L O V E that tape dispenser.
Good job. two thumbs up.