Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lost and Found

Guess what? I have a dining room table. I know--shocking! I found it under all the unopened mail and various articles we've bought for our hypothetical child. And by "we," I mean "me." Jarod hasn't bought anything for our hypothetical child yet; it's probably because I love her more than he does.

Or maybe because he would rather learn Amharic online than go shopping, but whatevs. Details.

I'm trying to cut back on buying things, though, because I've been traveling a lot (never as cheap as I think it will be) (you'd think I'd adjust my expectations, but no) and I've had a loss of a bit of work this week. I'm trying not to make a big deal out of this, as it could be worse, and also: traveling! I pretty much usually love it!

This past weekend I spent in Vancouver with my dear friend Sharon mostly and somewhat with her famous photographer husband (I got the book FOR FREE, SUCKAHS), sleeping on their sofa and drinking lots of coffee. Vancouver also decided to pull out all the stops when it came to weather, and the days were sunny and in the upper 70s. Sharon was so kind to fly me up there using her air miles, so the expenses were limited to sucky airport food and the coffee and tchotchkes I felt it necessary to obtain while visiting our northern neighbor. As a bonus, I only whined a tiny bit about being unable to afford the perfect shoes I shouldn't have even looked at, much less tried on. I came back with a handmade cat doll for our hypothetical child, paper for a curb score furniture project, a Chewbacca Pez dispenser for Jarod, and Canadian candy bars that I actually shared with my husband. I am such a giver.

In order to keep the airport from being lonely for me, I fly out for yet another trip on Sunday, this time to visit my Connecticut kids. I anticipate a good deal of hangout time, some iced coffee near the water, and possibly a boat ride on the sound if I'm lucky. I'm also hoping to spend a couple of days in NYC, though due to financial concerns, that's up in the air. I'll certainly spend one day in the city, but two is questionable. And if it's between an extra day in the city and a perfect pedicure at my favorite pedicure spot in the whole US of A, I have a feeling it will be a gut-wrenching decision.

As much as I know I'll enjoy the trip, I will be more than happy to arrive home Friday afternoon. Two long weekends plus a nearly a week away, all in rapid succession, is on its way to making me a bit batty, and it will be a relief to find my footing after so much packing and unpacking. I love the trips, but hate the mayhem. I'm just looking forward to a little bit of peace in the end.

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