Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everything is ALL MY FAULT!

A certain eight-year-old I take to school each morning has been having a hard time adjusting to the new school year. Her shirt is uncomfortable, her jumper shouldn't do that, she can't find her socks, no one lets her eat what she wants for breakfast or lunch, and why hasn't anyone gone to the grocery store? This fridge that is clearly full of food has nothing to eat in it! She just knew you'd say no to her having lasagna for breakfast, so she didn't even ask! And her lunch only has two things in it! Sure, she turned down every option you offered her, but it's all your fault! She will starve to death by lunchtime, and you don't even care! You did this! It is ALLLL YOOOUUUUUURRRRR FAAAAAUUUUUULLLLLTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Oh, eight. I hope you're not just a glimmer of what her poor parents will experience when she is thirteen. Because otherwise, I fear it will be military boarding school and coal for Christmas.

Poor eight.

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