Monday, August 03, 2009


I've been trying to think a lot less about what to eat and how much to exercise because I can get a little obsessive about it, and obsession can only lead to two things:

1. In thinking about food, I start thinking really hard about how there is food right there on the table, and it's made of cookies. I like cookies! I think I'll have one! Maybe just a third of one, right? Because I didn't exercise today. Oh, okay, I'll eat the second third. Oh, wow, that last bit looks pretty lonely, and it's no that big, soooooooooo...

2. I begin to feel guilty about the fact that I just ate yet another cookie type food item and haven't been working out at my usual levels, nor have I had the time to cook anything other than baked goods lately.

This is not productive in any way, and I should really just knock it off already. But I'm not good at cutting myself slack or at resisting treats, so...yeah. I'm working on this, but am pretty much accepting that until September 25, this is my life. The treats, the guilt, all of it. And the thing which is the monkey wrench in the works, which is my schedule. I guess I haven't mentioned that.

Awhile ago I wrote about some changes I'm making regarding my work schedule. What I'd hoped was that the family I am no longer going to work for would be able to make other arrangements when the kids start school in two weeks, but I also left the option open to them that I could continue to help out until I leave for vacation on September 25. It should make me feel good that they value me enough that they'd rather keep me on until I leave for vacation instead of securing other options as school begins, but to be honest, I'm just ready to be done. I love the family dearly, but I need this overly busy chapter of my life to be over before I am forced to buy bigger pants.

Or maybe someone should just come and confiscate the cookies.

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