Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday is a Day of Rest

Today I've pretty much done nothing, despite there being plenty of somethings that need doing. I've had this cold that is continually mostly better, but then never really disappears completley, so I'm using the excuse of needing a day of rest to finally kick it for good in order to silence my protestant work ethic. So far I've not done much other than sit on the sofa, re-watching the second season of LOST and eating things that don't require any effort on my part. Jarod made a frozen pizza. I ventured downstairs to grab some pecans and chocolate chips (trail-er, sofa--mix!), and I managed to feed our high maintenance cat. I've been all over the internet looking at recipes and projects that certainly won't be getting done anytime soon. But I've got plans at least. Oh, I've got plans. I'm going to cook! I'm going to clean! Our lives will be revolutionized!

First, though, I'll need to wake up this cat that's draped across my lap so that I can get up.

Or maybe not.

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